Tony Aponte, Internet Marketing Consultant
Social video has fastly become a very popular trend in the social life today. This alone proves that implementing a video marketing strategy is a MUST if you want to set your brand apart online. Using the right strategy for building the brand of your company would be a smart choice when it comes to getting targeted eyes on your products or services. Having a great video marketing strategy to build your brand in place will give customers a quick snapshot of your products or services without having to create written content every day. Customers can get the needed information in less than 30 seconds with a great content video.
With all the great technology available, you can now produce high-quality videos, with higher resolution, to provide excellent content for your followers with little effort. Thank goodness to smartphones, your customers can have access to these videos instantly. Here are some important things you should consider to have the best video marketing strategy for branding and make your business stand out:
video marketing strategy for branding

Create A Video Publishing Schedule

  • Having an accurate schedule where you know exactly what to do and when to do it will improve the process. Instead of posting one video for each product or service, think of terms in making a series of videos where you will tell a story about each product in an interesting way which will attract new prospects to your brand. Make sure you have an appealing brand name and logo in order to stand out within your target audience.
  • Another thing is to set up the schedule of posting the videos. Plan the timing and use new and better branding strategies if you want to keep your brand at the top in the social world.

Make Short Videos Instead of Long

Nobody wants to watch a video longer than 1-2 minutes. We live in a generation of instant gratification. Make sure that your videos are long enough to catch the attention of the customer and keep them interested enough in the video message. The micro video applications can shorten the video to less than 10 seconds and can make them perfect for sharing on Instagram or Twitter. Social media can help you a ton if you want to have a successful video marketing strategy for branding.
video content

Determine the Video Content & Stick To It

  • Determining the content you want to be in the video is another essential factor in a branding strategy. What type of content will you provide to the audience; will it be entertaining, educational, practical or a combination of all? Make sure that you know your target audience and their needs and requirements, so you can focus the branding strategy towards them in order to achieve success.
  • What value are your videos giving to customers? How can your videos help them? Create some video stories that not only speak of what you have to offer but how they came about, what the benefits are and how you are emotionally connected to them.

Outline the Video Topics

outline the video topics
  • It is an important step to outline the topics if you want the video message to be understood fully. If you are running a B2B Software Company then the content of the video should be divided into different topics providing the different business functions. For example, it can be support, sales, internal communication, corporate events, human resources and many other functions.
types of videos

What Are the Types of Videos

  • After you have determined the content for your videos and the branding strategy, the next step is to establish the style of video. There are many types that you can create and among them are videos that are:
    • DIY Material
    • Recorded Webinars
    • Support Videos
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Documentary Videos
    • Company Culture
    • Explainer Videos About Products & Services
    • Demos
    • Leadership Interview and much more.
  • When you decide to create your video make sure you have the correct target audience and that you have answered all of their questions…only then will your video maintain the attention of your viewers.
So as a conclusion we can say that a successful marketing strategy for branding your video would be the one that fulfills the above-mentioned requirements. Once all of this has been set up you can start working and achieving the goals of your small business brand.
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