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Unlocking the power of the web

As a home improvement contractor in the digital age, you’ve probably already seen your customers finding contractors online. In fact, most of you reading this article will already have a website to keep up in this increasingly digital market. Because over the last 10 years, the internet has become the most powerful way to reach even LOCAL customers.

And while digital marketing used to be a luxury for local businesses – today, even your referrals will often look you up online – a trend which is only growing.

This presents a remarkable opportunity to make SALES without a huge marketing budget – and since 28% of local searches result in a purchase, it can produce an amazing return on investment.

Tried and tested results

In 2009, I took my own home improvement company online and have been learning how to maximize the power of the internet ever since – with incredible results.

But when I first started out, I quickly realized generating leads online wasn’t as simple as just putting up a website. Because at first, I focused on driving as many people as possible to my site – and I worked tirelessly to get new viewers, only to realize at the end of the day, these hard-earned viewers were NOT BUYING.

If your website visitors don’t become buyers, all your online efforts are WASTED…


Are you losing customers by missing crucial parts of your website?

If you are not hitting certain key points on your site, your visitors are NEVER going to buy. You may get one call in a thousand by chance alone, but you will be turning away hundreds of potential clients every single month and missing out on tons of great projects.

The good news is that by making a few quick changes to your website, like me, you can unlock the secret to turning more viewers into paying customers and multiplying your business overnight.


Conversion optimization is a business multiplier

Yes, by improving your conversion rate you will make a HUGE impact on your sales, because it enables you to get more customers with the same number of visitors.

For example, imagine that you get 100 visitors per month to your site, and only 1 of these becomes a paying customer – that’s great! But if you could increase this to 5, you could multiply your revenue 5X with no additional cost.

Unlike growing the number of visitors to your site which is a gradual long-term process, increasing your conversions can be done quickly and with instantaneous results.

How can you boost your conversions?

I have spent years learning the secrets needed to increase leads online using my own home improvement business as a testing ground. But now I’ve packed these vital tips into a power packed guide that you can use to achieve the same results today.

So, don’t keep struggling alone with growing viewers but no change in sales.

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5 steps to turn website visitors into paying customers

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