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Some small businesses think that branding is a “big business” problem. This is also one of the branding mistakes a small business can make. Branding is as important to small businesses, whether you are a startup or a local store.

Branding should not be taken lightly. A brand is not just a name, logo or tagline. It can be said that a brand is your business’s identity, a representation of what your business is all about and what you aspire to be. Your brand embodies all the promises and commitment you made to your customers. A brand is certainly one of the most valuable assets that a business has to develop, cultivate and protect.

Failing to recognize the importance of branding for your business could kill it just as these 5 small business branding mistakes you often commit.

Here are the 5 Branding Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Inconsistent Brand Image 
    • In business, consistency is the key to success. Consistency applies to a brand image as well. Your brand equals to your brand’s face, reputation as well as identity. If you are inconsistent with your brand image, it will lead to brand confusion, miscommunication, trust wearing away and poor customer experience.
  2. Low-Quality Content
    • What your customers are looking for is a business that they can rely on for their needs and problems and they want value for their money. In that sense, providing them low-quality content is not something that induces trust and loyalty from your target audience. Your promise is to offer them high-quality products and services. And, the moment you failed to do so will be the start of the end of your business.
  3. Inconsistency with Brand Promises
    • As mentioned before, consistency is important in almost every aspect of a business. From the brand image, this time brand promises. As a business, you made promises and commitments to your audience – quality service and products, exceptional customer services and so on. Your customers turn to you to solve their problems and satisfy their needs and failing to do so gives negative impact on your reliability.
  4. Not Listening to Your Audience
    • Why is not listening to your audience a branding mistake? What will happen if you fail to involve your audience in your business? The result is you are unable to offer them services, products, and experience they need. Before you can serve your customer well, you need to know what they desire. You have no way of knowing if you do not listen and that will be the undoing of your business.
  5. Unresponsive, Badly Designed Website
    • Today, every business has some kind of website or at least a Facebook page. Websites and social media pages are important to businesses for marketing, developing the relationship with customers, staying updated with current trends, etc. It is also the easiest and most convenient way your customer can shop instead of going out to meet traffic and other hassles.

Branding Also Means A Great Experience

On that note, it is just as important that you give them a wonderful experience in navigating through your website. They chose rather than going somewhere to shop, they would just visit your website.  Therefore, if you greet them with a badly designed, unresponsive and hard to navigate website, they will not think twice about visiting your competitors website.


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